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Our Faculty

Father Jim Gigliotti, TOR.
Spiritual Director

Father Jim Gigliotti,TOR.

Mr. Oanh Ngoc Nguyen, RS.
School Founder

Mr. Oanh Ngoc Nguyen

Father Anh Tran
Troop/Crew 304 Chaplain

Father Anh Tran

Mr.Victor,T.D. Nguyen,P.E. Physics & Calculus

Victor, T.D. Nguyen

Mr. George Mondie, B.A.
Astronomy & Geometry

Dean of Students

Ms. Alicia Shepard-Jones
Reading & Grammar

Alicia Jones
Vice Principal

Dr. Trung D. Nguyen, M.D.
Science Dept. Head

Dr. Thomas Porter
English Dept. Head

Dr. Porter

Deacon Tom Giovannitti,J.D. Theology Dept. Head

Deacon Tom

Dr. Geoff Weckel, L.P.C.
Licensed Counselor

Mr. Geoff Weckel

Dr. Huy Nguyen M.D.
Biology / Chemistry

Dr. Huy Nguyen

Dr. Lina Nguyen, M.D.

Dr. Lina

Mr. Truat Nguyen
I.B & Board Director

Mr. Truat Nguyen

Dr. Theresa Nguyen M.D.
Biology / Chemistry

Dr. Theresa

Mr. Thuy D. Nguyen, P.E.

Mr. Thuy D. Nguyen

Mrs. KimNga T. Nguyen.
Algebra / Economics

Mrs. KimNga T. Nguyen

Dr. Hung Nguyen, M.D.

Dr. Hung  Nguyen
Language Dept. Head

Mr. Roy Schlinkert
PSAT / SAT Prep.

Mr. Roy Schlinkert

Dr. Weckel
Speech / Debate

Dr. Weckel

Mrs. Jessica Sterner
Arts / Drama

Mrs. Jessia Sterner

Dr. Lily Tran, M.D.

Dr. Lily Tran

Mrs. Ryan Peterson
U.S. & Local Government

Mrs. Ryan Peterson

Office Manager

Mrs. Dziepy

Mr. Steve Gende

Mr. Steve Gende

Mr. Henry Castillo

Mr. Henry Castillo

Mr. Seth

Master Chien
Martial Arts